I am no longer maintaining this website and am no longer accepting new submissions for the map(s). Some of my activity has moved to the website strandedaussies.com

The Stranded Aussies Action Network (SAAN) formed in response to the Australian government’s international arrivals caps and the growing number of Australians these have left stranded overseas.

Around 40,000 people are currently registered with Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) as coming home, with more than 5,000 of these classified as vulnerable.

SAAN’s founders are volunteers familiar with the trauma of trying to return to Australia during the coronavirus pandemic. They recognised a need to make critical facts and figures more widely available, along with the tools required to help everyone impacted to advocate for themselves and their loved ones.

The action network’s toolbox can be found here:

Let us come home!

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There are thousands of Australians stranded overseas, unable to come home, due to travel restrictions related to COVID-19. This includes many families that have been separated, and others unable to be with sick and dying relatives.

Who would have thought that when I started this website we would end up with an actual Amnesty campaign to support our case?

Not saying this is entirely my doing of course, by any means, but the fact that we now have support from Amnesty International should really wake up Scott Morrison and the rest of Government.


If you need urgent help

Emergency Assistance and Support by the Australian Government.

Over-the-phone support and information during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are in need and feel you need help, do not hesitate contacting the appropriate organisations.

Senate Select Committee on COVID-19

I was asked by the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 to give evidence at the committee’s public hearing on Thursday, 24 September 2020, 11:25AM to 12:05PM AEST, via videoconference.

The audio is not in sync, which is annoying, but nothing I seem to be able to do about it.

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If you are in urgent need of support, please contact the The Consular Emergency Centre.

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