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Jess P – United Kingdom

I've been in London for 5 years I was settled here with a job and house so when the government said stay put I listened. However in the wake of COVID I lost my job and can't afford my flat…

Pam – Qatar

My husband’s contract was terminated recently We are due to leave the country 10th September to Brisbane where our children live. We have Business Class fares but I am not confident we will get on this flight. Our visas will…

Barbara – Brazil

I arrived in Brazil on April 1st To stay my family because my mom passed away. Supposed to be just 2 months, the time that I needed to organise the things here.

Sandi – United Kingdom

I arrived in the UK on the 6th March I went for a conference where I presented my PhD research. My partner went to on to Thailand and we were to meet up in Malaysia late in March. Now I…