Pam – Qatar

My husband’s contract was terminated recently

We are due to leave the country 10th September to Brisbane where our children live. We have Business Class fares but I am not confident we will get on this flight.

Our visas will be cancelled in order for him to leave the country and we have to vacate our accommodation as part of the process to leave. If we do not get our flight we will have to spend savings on hotel accommodation we can not really afford. We are due Severance Pay but due to the large numbers having to leave there could be a significant delay receiving this.

Qatar is a difficult country to leave permanently at the best of times but to think that our own country is making it so much harder is beyond comprehension. It is unbelievable that our government and country are treating returning citizens in such an in humane way.

Especially given we are now all paying for ourselves to get home and buying business class in the hope that we will be accepted on our flight. We are ok for now but if we are not able to get on this flight our situation will deteriorate dramatically.