Sandi – United Kingdom

I arrived in the UK on the 6th March

I went for a conference where I presented my PhD research. My partner went to on to Thailand and we were to meet up in Malaysia late in March. Now I am stuck in London couch surfing and my wife is stuck in Thailand. Neither of us have regular income.

I am seeking a UK visa so I can find work here and support us both through this. This is not so easy to do. I’ve actually given up on returning to Aust and if I can secure a visa will stay here until I can join my wife.

My mental health has declined significantly, at times it is so dark I am afraid I cannot survive . My wife is holding up ok. She has our dogs and a couple of friends nearby. I am totally alone here, don’t really know anyone and have no idea what to do.

I am at the stage where I am waking up every day in tears and crying myself to sleep. I’ve also lost a lot of weight from the stress. All hope of us going back to Aust is gone and I am surviving on the hope that Thailand or Malaysia will allow me entry at some stage this year. To keep breathing long enough to see my wife again and find employment are my main goals.