Zion – Philippines

Zion is from Townsville North Queensland

17/09/2020 – Update from Zion: “After many months of cancellations I was finally able the get a flight via Air Niugini and got into Australia through a kind of back door route through PNG and then onto Cairns North Queensland. I started my 14 day quarantine yesterday and am one step closer to getting home.”

I have been trying to get home now for 5 months. I have been bumped off 4 different flights saying that its up to the Australian Gov to let me onto the flight.

I feel so abandoned and disappointed in my own country at the moment as the Government does not seem to care about Aussie born citizens stuck overseas. I have no job, no income and I am in desperate need to get home to my 2 children 11, 12 who are in desperate need of my care and support.

I was booked on a flight with Cathay Pacific yesterday 5/09/2020, and when arriving at Manila airport the airline would not let me board saying that capped numbers have been met and we apologise for the inconvenience and nothing could be done and that i need to contact the Australian Gov. so I was on the phone with the Aus embassy and they were telling me that its up to the airline to let me board the plane, so i asked is she could email me then and there or put that into writing but she refused and said she cant do that but it is up to the airline to let me board.

I was pleading and very emotional, shaking because this is the 4th flight it has happened to me, I was pleading saying i need to get home to my children and nothing could be done, even from the Aus embassy, i felt so alone and hard done by by my own government who swears to protect us during these times.

I am an indigenous Aussie born Australian who pays his taxes and has always been a good positive citizen who has contributed so much to the country yet i feel deserted at the moment like the country doesn’t care for its stranded citizens, I hope and pray that the Aus Gov. finds it in their hearts to uplift the incoming flight restrictions or at least assist Australian born citizens in returning home to where they belong with family and loved ones during these times.

Something needs to be done I am at breaking point mentally because of not being able to get home and my kids are in desperate need of me getting home.